Tokyo Randomness

hotaru tokyo
If you are in Tokyo this coming weekend and looking for a romantic spot to spend time with your love ones. You can consider checking out this event near the Sumida River close to the Tokyo Skytree where they would released about 100,000 blue illuminated balls to float down the river. Check out the video from their official site, looks really dreamy and romantic.

Gyoza flavored potato chips, any one fancy it? Limited only from Tochigi prefecture during my visit to Ashikaga Flower park.

With visitors for the past weekend, we explored lots of new food and we tried horse sashimi, seared chicken sashimi and seared chicken liver sashimi. Waiter even provided a timer so that we would eat the raw food within 30 minutes, such thoughtfulness.

Summer is officially making its debut now with much summer used products on sale, even summer limited edition chu-hi are sold now….guess what I found! 500ml coke can, such a big can of soft drink compared to the small size of most of the products in Japan.

Encountering drunk men in awkward position on trains in the mornings.

light plug
We are in the midst of discussing some home interior re-designing for our place and I asked if it is expensive to hire an electrician over to install some new lights and I got a confused look from Sushi san. Apparently that lights are plugged and use in Japan as the points are all ready on the ceiling. You just learn new things everyday isn’t it?


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