NanjaMonja (なんじゃもんじゃ 青山店)

Friend have a okonomiya craving and hence we headed to a nearby okonomiyaki shop nearby Aoyama area.

Usually, when you first sit down in a eatery in Japan, they would offer you a hot towel followed by a small appetizer which is actually chargeable usually between the range of 300-500JPY. This is kinda of a way for the eatery to earn some extra income since most places don’t charge service charge. You can gently decline if you don’t want to pay this extra service but most Japanese will not decline.

Onsen tamago with kimchi

油淋鶏, chinese style fried chicken topped with chopped scallions, soy sauce and sweet vinegar.

Ingredients for us to make our okonomiyaki

Ready for eating after 20 minutes.

Next is monjayaki, the tokyo version of okonomiyaki.

The more starchy version of okonomiyaki. Hmmmmm, I think the Japanese really love starchy stuff 😛

Address:なんじゃもんじゃ 青山店〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山5-9-1 第1タニビル3F


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