May Beauty Buys in Tokyo, Japan

Matsumoto Kyoushi limited only organic Argelan shampoo set. Pepper mint conditioner and Lemon Verbena shampoo is limited for summer release, I guess due to its minty feel to cool one down during the hot summer days. Pretty pricey at 3160JPY but no harm giving it a try since the ingredients looks totally nourishing with plant extracts and free of parebens.

Bene premium line, Rose Moist hair mask, this line is free of silicon too.

Sorry to admit that my eey shadows are like a few years old so I decided to ditch all of them out and started shopping for new ones. This Coffret D’or 3D graduation eye shadow is a new release and supposed to make your eyes pop 😛 The natural brown line has 2 colors of glitter – mint or pink. I got the mint as it glides on more subtlety compared to the pink. Planning to get another gray palette, any suggestions?

Bought this serum as it had pretty good review, supposed to help maintain the health of your lashes and to aid in the growth. Keeping my fingers crossed….we would see if there is any results in 2-3 months.

Hopefully my strawberry textured nose would be minimised with this. The peel off goes on like tacky glue and dry off to a clear sheet and you can peel it off.

Rohto’s line of Skin Aqua sunscreen, this glides on like a gel with no white smirks like the usual sunscreen, pretty easy to apply. Supposed to have moisturizing effect, but I don’t like the alcohol content in this sunscreen though it did not dry my skin.

Ettusais’s puru puru mist, bubbles of concentrated moisturizing content in rose water. These little bubbles will pop when spray it on your face. I got this as the dry weather is making my skin crazy as I was so used to high humidity days. A little spray of this after make up did help my skin not to feel so tight. This bottle is a little too big to carry around else I think I would think it would help in the late afternoon to perk up the dry skin 🙂

Totally random buy, Nature republic collagen eye mask. Though you have to lie down when applying this as it was a tad heavy and kept sliding down as I was trying to pass my Candy crush level while enjoying some “eye mask” moments. (Talking about eye masks, there is so many different types of face mask in Japan but eye mask is sorely lacking for some odd reason)

This got to be my favorite buy, since moving to here I haven’t gone for a facial or pedicure more likely due to a language handicap so I am scouting around for home care packs. (of course, being a student does make you think twice about spending) My feet felt moisturized and soft after wrapping in this for about 20 minutes.


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