Tori Tamura (鳥田むら 本店)

shinjuku izakaya
If you are in the hunt of somewhere old, somewhere that ebbs the old izakaya feel. This is totally the place for you to come to. Located at Shinjuku Sanchome (新宿三丁目), a short distance away from Shinjuku Station where we found this little gem. The high tabelog ratings did also help us decide the host my cousin who came into town. This place was samll too, not sitting more than 20 people each time so they also have a 2 hours limit on patrons when they get busy. We had made reservations prior but many people were walking in and being turned away or asked to come back at a later hour when we were there.

shinjuku izakaya
Mitaiko, chopped spring onion and bean sprouts pickle while we were waiting for our order.

shinjuku izakaya
Chicken sashimi (as always when we have new visitors!) to try.

shinjuku izakaya
Yaki-yasai and yakitori

shinjuku izakaya
More yakitori but this time are the chicken wings, chicken skin and chicken liver. The chicken wings and skin were bbq to just right with not too much charring and the marination was just nice.

shinjuku izakaya
Grated radish with mushrooms with a tinge of wasabi to clear the palette

shinjuku izakaya
The most recommended dish from the shop would be the chicken congee where the egg was stirred in and cooked to give the congee this nice and beautiful shade of yellow. Throw in an ume (plum pickle) and you have a yummy warm bowl of savoury congee with a tinge of sourish from the ume. (Though I have to admit, they did added in a tad too much of msg into it though)…….I want another bowl!

Address:鳥田むら 本店東京都新宿区新宿3-11-2


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