Another Tokyo Randomness Post

One thing about living in Japan, especially Tokyo is the use of trains for our daily commute. Totally love and hate relationship on my part. Love that I can go almost anywhere by train and train connections is always a breeze when the trains are usually on time. Hate that rush hour commute is packed like sardines and last trains in Japan always end way too early. The mad rush for the last train in the night which resulted in another packed sardine train….

stuck at gantry
This was taken at the gantry of where I would do my transit on the way to school where we were barred from entering the gantry and everyone was waiting in line for the gantry to open. Sad to say, recently there is a increasing percentage of train suicides and hence resulting in train delays or certain train lines stopping and resulting in a spillover to alternate train routes.

lateness certificate
We were given a slip of paper to prove that there was a train delay at the station which we can present it to work or school as proof that we were late due to train delay. How do we read this? The top and bottom would show the date, the left and right would show how much time the train was delayed. In my slip, the train delay happened on June 20th and the delay was 20 minutes indicated by the hole punched on the slip of paper.

Unfortunately, this slip of paper have no use in my school as they are very strict with attendance and punctuality for classes. If you are late for 15 minutes for more than 3 times and you are considered as absent for 1 lesson.

paper size
Also, big A3 size prints are common here. Back in Singapore, we would print on A4 and staple the pages together. Over here, most of my notes/lecturs printouts are printed on big A3 paper and the use of staples seems to be rare over here. It is so funny that most students first response when receiving these prints was to fold it into half. Big prints did took me some time to get use but at least no more pieces of paper falling all out for me and I know this piece just belong to that class.

Also, it is common to receive “yellowed” paper prints compared to our pristine white paper we receive back in Singapore as the use of recycled paper is widely practised here.

Another new discovery after living here. I usually use to check on the weather forecast. On its site, you can also use their indicator to check out the percentage rating should you plan on doing your laundry. They would recommend if you should use the de-humidifier or if you can plan on washing a load of laundry that day

Recommendation on what to wear could also be found on this site. Interesting 🙂

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gaijinhan
    Jun 30, 2013 @ 07:00:14

    Some places use yellowed papers deliberately as they are more gentle to the eyes so you can look at them longer without visual fatigue

  2. Xuan-er
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 11:00:43

    @gaijinhan: oh really?! haha, another new thing learnt 🙂

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