Green Pad Thai (グリーンパッタイ 恵比寿店)

thai food
Japan is sure a land for foodies but when in a group we either end up with international cuisine or in an izakaya. Attended a birthday dinner recently and birthday boy choice of selection was Thai food, definitely ok with me as I am just missing my SEA taste. Though, I have to admit that the SEA food here is less on chili but heavy on the sugar. Just like this lala was too small and too pungent with lemongrass in my opinion.

thai food
Though the deep fried sesame fish paste with toasted bread was yummy.

thai food
green pad thai, I miss pad thai!

thai food
curry fish but too dry and too much lemongrass and too sweet in my opinion.

thai food
Surprisingly, a simple onion omelet was super tasty, I think it boils down that the onions here are fresh and sweet!

thai food
the most popular dish that night, we ordered like at least 5 times. hot plate deep fried soft shell crabs and they pour the curry sauce over right in front of you and since this is Japan, they would you protected from the oil 🙂

Yum yum, I am counting down to coming back to Singapore for my summer vacation

ps: Google reader have shut down and have you found an alternative reader? I have switched to Bloglovin and still trying to get use to it 🙂

Address:グリーンパッタイ 恵比寿店東京都渋谷区恵比寿南2-2-7


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