Umeshou 2013

Half a year had come and gone in a twinkle! When June beckons in Japan, not only did we welcome the rainy season (though there wasn’t much rain in Kanto this year) the supermarkets would start using the tools and ingredients needed to make plum liquor (or we might be more acquainted with the Choy brand of umeshou)

Sushi’s parents used to make them during summers when he was younger and he had this wish that when he have a family, he would like to make a bottle to commemorate his new beginning of building a family and hence we got the stuff ready to make our 2013 Umeshou!

Plum liquor
We used a glass bottle with a clasp instead of the more commonly sold red screw on bottle cap bottle and we used Okinawa sake instead of the usual alcohol sold in the supermarket. You can use any alcohol that is with at least 25% of alcohol. Next of course would be the plums and sugar needed. Got a cotton cloth too so that the plums can be laid out to dry as I don’t like the idea of lying them out on my dirty tablecloth, hehe. A general guideline is 1kg of plums needs 500g of rock sugar and 1.8 liters of alcohol but we made a missed calculation and our version probably have too many plums inside with too little alochol. (Keeping our fingers crossed)

Plum liquor
First we soak the plums and pick up those which are spoilt out.

Plum liquor
Next, use a tooth pick to pick up the little nib on the plum, this step is crucial to ensure there is no bitter taste in the making of the liquor.

Plum liquor
Sanitise the glass container with hot water and prop it up on a pair of chopsticks to air dry.

Plum liquor
Next lay out the washed plums out to air dry, the plums have to be dried so that it would not go bad during the fermentation process.

Plum liquor
Then put in the plum and sugar lay by layer and pour in the alcohol, then place the air tight container in a cool dry place and take it out to shake the contents at times. You can check and taste about 6 months later to make sure the liquor did not go bad and the liquor is drinkable in about 9-12 months time.

We are keeping our fingers crossed! Hopefully, we would get to drink this in 2014 🙂


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