Hand made Soba & spicy sour noodles

Moving into a new neighborhood means excuses to eat out since we want to check out what is available. Our new neighborhood is relatively quiet compared to our last location but there are a few places that have really high ratings at Tabelog. The first place we checked out was this relatively old and traditional shop that made hand made soba.

Vegetable tempura soba set, a bit pricey at 1900JPY but I have to admit that hand made soba texture is really different.

Freshly grated Japanese yam soba.

It was only after moving to Tokyo that I know that you can mix the dipping broth for the soba with the hot soba water that was used to cook your soba. Fresh buckwheat smell is simply heavenly.

Address:総本家 小松庵 駒込本店東京都豊島区駒込3-3-21

spicy sour noodles
I said that we were a little crazy to eat hot and spicy noodles in the summer heat.

spicy sour noodles
Surprisingly that the Dan Dan noodles was much tastier, the sesame broth was really rich.

spicy sour noodles
The hot and spicy noodles was a little too dry in my opinion and too sweet for my spicy tastebuds.

Address:酸辣湯麺 もり田東京都豊島区駒込2-13-7


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