Michishirube Izakaya, Shinjuku (道しるべ)

tokyo bargain sale
July is the month for the summer bargain sale in Tokyo, all the ladies are all out in throngs to buy even if it was the weekend. Looks like that they cannot resist anything that say 50-70% off but personally I feel that the average stuff on sale is only about 30-40% off. The only fun thing is the random time sales from different shops and all the prettily decked out sales assistants would be out shouting in shrill high pitch cutesy voices… (I actually got a headache after 1 hour in the mall)

tokyo bargain sale
My favorite buy from this summer sale would be the card case from Samantha Thavasa going at 50% discount.

tokyo bargain sale
Display set of platform shoes for 500JPY. Totally random buy as I just passed by the shop randomly.

tokyo bargain sale
Passed by a second hand shop near school and joined in the middle age ladies crowd and dug out these buys. Only 500JPY for these 2 items.

shinjuku izakaya
Hole in the wall izakaya that my Taiwanese classmates brought me. Less than 20 seats and big crowds huddle around a really small table sitting on the floor.

shinjuku izakaya
We had to use the phone to make our order and the food would be lifted up to us.

shinjuku izakaya
As the orders were all freshly made, we took almost 3 hours to finish our dinner. My favorite would be the Tamago yaki which was soft and wet, I don’t know how they did it but it was oozing with moisture and went really well with the radish. I would definitely head over here again if I have the chance.



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