Orenofenchi (俺のフレンチ GINZA)

the famous shop
My classmate asked me to go to this French Bistro with her.

the line at 330pm
What is so fancy about this place? This place just opened last November but had since gained a large following since it went on TV a few times due to their deliciously low priced food. They only open their seating reservation once a month (2 months in advanced) and 20 plus seating reservations would be fully booked within an hour. The rest of the seating which would be standing room is no reservations and patrons have to go queue up daily. Each day, there would be a few dishes that would be limited edition and unless you are the first 6 groups waiting in the line, there would be no way you can get to eat them.

This was the line built up at 4pm.

giving up cold water and cold towel
We were there at 2pm and already the 8th group in the line. It was a lucky thing that it was cloudy day so it wasn’t too hot for a summer day. The servers from the shop would regularly fill up the ice water bottles and give out ice cold towels for us to wipe down. It was heard that recently that some one fainted in the line due to the heat and had to be carried away by the ambulance.

Then at 330pm, the servers from the restaurant would come back and give a run down on their ordering system and check with the customers in line on how many people are there in their group. We were a little disappointed when we were told that being number 8 in the line, we might be able to order some of the limited edition dishes. Basically how the restaurants work is they would take order in asceding order so as to be fair to everyone. At 4pm, when they open their doors, they would take the drink order in sequence. Next they would take the order for the appetizer and at 430pm they would take the order for the entrees, all in running order of when you enter the restaurant. They would shout out the name of the limited edition dishes once they run out.

standing bar
Finally, the door opened at 4pm and all of us took our positions at tables assigned. Imagine, most of us had already been standing in line for 2 hours and we would continue to stand through the dinner.

Fresh bread was served and we each ordered a fruitly white wine to start off. Tip from my classmate was not to eat too much bread in case we stuff ourselves with too much bread for the real food.

carrot mousse sashimi
Lucky for us, 3 groups had cancelled their reservations and hence we become no 5 instead of no 8 and was able to order all the limited edition food. This whelk sashimi with carrot mousse and cavier was a limited edition dish.

shrimp tartare
cocktail shrimp with rice, I felt this was average as the earlier appetizer taste was richer.

sparkling wine from Portugal
The wine list was extensive and we got ourselves a bottle of white sparkling wine from Portugal.

lobster grill
Grilled live lobster for only 1680JPY and only 16 sets per day and we were so lucky to be the last table to be able to order this. I guess why people are so hyped over the limited edition dishes is not only for its taste but also for its pricing.

foie gras steak
The recommended dish for the shop would be foie gras with steak with brown sauce.

really yummy
I never know that the greasy taste from the foie gras would go so well with steak.

creme brulee
Ended the dinner with some creme brulee and with this we ended our dinner at 6pm! what an eventful 6 hours 🙂

Would I come back? Maybe when the weather becomes cooler 🙂

Address:俺のフレンチ GINZA東京都中央区銀座8-7-9


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