BAR 保志 Mons REX, Shinbashi

mons rex
Since we left the French Bistro at 6pm, we felt that it was too early to head back home and decided to go somewhere for a drink. Then we chanced on this bar that kind of looked mysterious with its heavy door. We wasn’t even sure if it was open but decided to go in and check it out.

small bar
There in this little 18 seater bar was just racks and racks of different types of liquor.

mons rex interior
With a oak bar table and brown chairs, this looks like a place that the salarymen would come and have a drink after their dinner if they are seeking some solace.

cold cream soup
A small cup of cold cream soup when we sat down, followed up a warm towel.

Even though we were stuffed full, they say they have to serve us some crisps and dried fish as the condiments.

They have no menu, you just tell the bartender what types of drinks you fancy and they will concoct something up. We were a little worried about how much the drinks were going to cost in this upscale place and with no menu. So we asked how much was our bill after we ordered our drinks (though, we figured the Japanese would likely not do such things but since we are foreigners we decided not to care about it)

grapefruit mix
I really didn’t know what to order since there was no menu and so requested for a sparkling grapefruit cocktail.

china blue
The bill for 2 drinks was about 3000JPY so we decided to continue for another drink since we were having a nice chat with the bartenders in a mix of broken Mandarin and Japanese. Next drink was China blue as my friend requested for a lychee flavored drink.

passionfruit mix
I asked for a passionfruit cocktail and had half of a fresh passion fruit for dessert too.

yuzu mix
Lastly was a glass of Yuzu cocktail and we had to call it a night before we blow our money all on the drinks. The owner was really kind to us citing that since it was our first visit and gave us a good discount hoping that we would be back again. So we only paid 6000JPY for 5 drinks which wasn’t too bad for such a fancy place.

Address:バー保志 モンス レックス東京都中央区銀座8-7-11 ソワレド銀座第2弥生ビル 1F


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