Yakohamatenkadori (横浜天下鳥 駒込店)

横浜天下鳥 駒込店
I think I have been eating too much chicken ever since I moved to Tokyo.

横浜天下鳥 駒込店
Another cosy izakaya near our new place which doesn’t have too many eatery choices in the first place.

横浜天下鳥 駒込店
Sours are always our choices nowadays as it is just toooooooo hot!

横浜天下鳥 駒込店
a slice of lemon, fresh cabbage salad and grated radish to ease the grease on the chicken.

横浜天下鳥 駒込店
The lemon is placed in this holder where you just squeeze it with the lever without getting your hands dirty.

横浜天下鳥 駒込店

横浜天下鳥 駒込店
Chicken sashimi with some fish roe on the side.

横浜天下鳥 駒込店
Yakitori with yuzu pepper.

横浜天下鳥 駒込店
Tofu special from this shop, chill tofu drenched with beaten egg.

横浜天下鳥 駒込店
deep fried chicken with garlic soy sauce dip.

横浜天下鳥 駒込店
chicken balls udon. Too much chicken isn’t it? 😛

Address:横浜天下鳥 駒込店東京都豊島区駒込2-8-5


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