Summer Activity – Zushi Beach outing (逗子海岸)

beach time
When it comes to Summer, what comes to your mind in Japan? First off, it would likely be Hanabi (fireworks), Ladies in Yukatas and shaved ice! Besides that, Japanese love to barbecue during summer!!!! I really couldn’t understand it as isn’t it much coolers to barbecue in the cooler weathers but why do they love to barbecue in this extreme summer heat? Not only that, beach outing like playing in the waters, wind surfing and surfing comes up tops too!

seaside living
I joined in with some Sushi san’s friends at Zushi Beach (逗子海岸) , about 1 hour train’s ride from Central Tokyo where we had booked an eventful afternoon at this newly opened beach house called “Seaside living

seaside living
Here we had made reservations for our lunch and some fun activites.

seaside living
What we didn’t know what that the day we visited was also the hottest day on the mercury in Tokyo region at a sweltering 37C degrees. I was literally melting the entire afternoon.

seaside living
On top of it, lunch was a delicious barbecue but it was just tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!

seaside living
Everyone was dripping sweat, that I don’t know if we were dripping oil or sweat into the charcoal 😛

seaside living
However, the food was simply too delcious so I still had lots of it even though it was sweltering hot.

seaside living
Right after the meats, we had a really fun activity of eating cool flowing soba, also know as Soomen (流しそうめん)

seaside living
Basically the soba will flow down the bamboo and you try to catch it with your chop sticks and dip these little strips of soba into the dashi mix and slurp it down. It was really a test of your chopstick skills.

seaside living
Of course, nothing goes to waste in Japan. A basket is held right at the end, to catch whichever soba that escaped our chopsticks and we would repeat this flowing noodles till we have eaten every shred of the noodles.

watermelon game
Another fun summer activity here, would be to open up the watermelon blind folded. Basically, you twirl yourself about 5 times blind folded and walk about 2 metres towards the watermelon and try to whack the watermelon.

seaside living

beach time
The beach was really crowded even though it was so hot and a distance away from Tokyo.

beach time
By the time we were done with lunch, it was almost 5pm. We rented some beach umbrellas and beach chairs and settled ourselves on the beach. I didn’t stay too long in the water because sad to say, the waters of the beaches around the Tokyo region isn’t the cleanest beach. The sea waters was really dirty and you get to see trash flowing by time to time.

beach time
But hiding under shade, chatting with some newly made friends is also a good time to pass the day.

beach time
Of course, a little romantic when bubbles started floating by you.

seaside living
Finally when dusk falls, it means….time to play with fireworks!

Since we can’t play with fireworks except for sprinkles in Singapore, this was a novelty to me. Many people were playing with fireworks along the beach. I didn’t know that fireworks can be shaped like a octopus, or mini fireworks that would spin on the ground, and some would pop up high into the sky and fire up like a mini flower. It was really interesting and fun experience for me.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beauty Box
    Sep 02, 2013 @ 13:23:15

    The somen pipe thing looks so cool…never tried somen that way…your post makes me wanna make some right now… I know what you mean about fireworks anytime anywhere in Japan…so fun right?

  2. Xuan-er
    Sep 10, 2013 @ 19:19:11

    @BB: yes, it was really fun but i think it is better to stand at the stand so you can always get the noodles first..hahaha. yes, totally fun…..

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