August Beauty Buys in Tokyo, Japan

beauty buy
Kinda on a buying hiatus for August since I would be away from Tokyo for the whole of September so I didn’t want to add anything to my stash. But I have to get a sunscreen for my trip back home and since Sushi-san is coming along for my trip home I wanted to buy something that we can share. So I choose this Shiseido sunblock at SPF 50++ for sensitive skin since he has sensitive skin. Recently, my skin is also getting to be a little sensitive which I wonder if it was due to the dust in Tokyo or the sheer heat? Anyway, hope this tube will last us and give us no outbreaks.

beauty buy
On a non beauty related buy, we needed to buy some trekking shoes and guess what? The shop even have a platform built to mimic the wooden stair and the rocky terrain that you might encounter during your mountain trek! Ah, Japan…you just don’t stop to amaze me on a daily basis.

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