Konomu (このむ)

Definitely a foreigner friendly modern izakaya just a 10 minutes walk from Sheraton Miyako Hotel, do make your reservation if you are headed there for a late Friday dinner. Menu is Japanese/English so it isn’t too tough to make your order.

Appetizer served once you are seated, I think it is some form of deep fried seaweed.

A4 Wagyu beef grilled beef, torched on the outside but still raw on the inside. Pricey for a few slices but the beef quality was great.


If you are a fan of Tororo (Japanese grated yam), definitely recommend this “hot” version which is Tororo omelette. The heat will make the gluey texture more starchy and they had done it that it is crispy on the outside but still moist and starchy inside with the egg yolk flowing out when you cut into it. Totally delicious.

Since it was super hot in Tokyo that time when we visited, definitely needed some cold Ume udon.

This grilled chicken was on the menu that evening but I saw it on their website and I asked if they had it then. The chef kindly agreed to make this dish for us even it was not available on the menu that evening. (I was pleased with that they agreed to make it but I realize later that there was a “price” to pay) Anyway, it wasn’t too expensive and it was really good with the skin super crispy with salt marination and the chicken meat was tender. I guess, you just have to pay a price to get what you want 😛



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