Gangtey, Bhutan – Day 4

Meri Puensum Hotel Breakfast.

burnt down dzong
Burnt down dzong that we passed by on our way to Gangtey.

the happiest people?
The happiness index, most of the time we see a lot of Bhutan people sitting by the road or sitting outside their homes chatting.

bhutan living
Typical housing in Bhutan.

national highway
Welcome to the national highway of Bhutan, mainly 2 way mud road.

entroute to gangtey
Lunch stop, according to our guide, the king does stop by this restaurant when he travels from Thimphu to other parts of Bhutan by car. This room is his resting lounge.

The sauteed potato with onions was so delicious that we asked for 2 plates for it. 😛

valley of Phobjikha

valley of Phobjikha
More rice fields along the way.

valley of Phobjikha
It was raining incessantly along the 3 hours drive to Gangtey, when we arrived at the valley of Phobjikha to start our nature hike. The rain had stopped and it become sunny so that is why we decided to push on for the hike.

valley of Phobjikha
Almost 45 minutes into the hike, we felt that it wasn’t such a good decision at all as the trek was all muddy and we had to try our best to dodge the manure.

valley of Phobjikha

valley of Phobjikha
However the views were awesome and the air exceptionally fresh after the rain.

valley of Phobjikha
You can also get almost up close and personal with the cows and horses along the way. They didn’t really bother us as they look like they are probably used to people walking past them frequently.

valley of Phobjikha
Lots of Lichen growth on the trees in Bhutan.

valley of Phobjikha

valley of Phobjikha
Valley view and from here, it started pouring 😦

valley of Phobjikha
By this time, though the whole valley was misty due to the rain but it was freezing cold and all of were drenched. We didn’t even have mood to admire the view any more and just wanted to finish the trek to get into the car. By this time, we don’t care about the mud, the manure or the cows that just brushed right by us……

Meri Puensum
Arriving super drenched at Dewachen hotel.

Meri Puensum
Immediately we asked that they start up the fire for us to warm ourselves and try to dry our clothes as much as possible.

Meri Puensum
Right outside our room, was some cows grazing on the side.

Meri Puensum
No TV, wifi and heater in the hotel so we quickly adjorned to the restauant for a quick meal

Meri Puensum
Dinner spread at Dewachen.

Meri Puensum
Since there was no entertainment for the night, I stayed up for the night to keep watch on the fire which die out really fast as the chopped wood was pretty moist.


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