Paro, Bhutan – Day 5

Breakfast at Dewachen, by now have you noticed that the food is pretty repetitive?

Let us bade good bye to the much cooler Phobjikha valley.

bhutan road
This time, we would be on this bumpy mud road for 6 hours on our direct drive back to Paro city.

Stuffing ourselves full at lunch stop.

National Museum
The first national museum of Bhutan, you can take note of the admission for the locals versus the tourists which is 20 times what the local pays.

National Museum
The original building for the museum but is closed due damages from a earthquake. The artifacts have now moved to a next door building.

paro valley
The Paro valley view.

Paro Dzong
Paro Dzong

Paro Dzong

Paro Dzong

Paro Dzong

Paro Dzong

paro valley

Paro Dzong

Paro Dzong

bhutan school girls
All the school going children wear the national costume as part of their uniform. These girls kindly posed for us.

Bhutan boy
Can’t imagine how this little boy going to carry this basket if it is full.

Paro Dzong
This little boy shyly posed for me and run off with his sister after that.

Paro city
Back in Paro city for our dinner

paro city dinner
Dinner in Paro

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