Paro, Bhutan – Day 6 and 7

breakfast view
Breakfast with a view of Paro valley.

Today’s breakfast is a spread since we upgraded our last 2 nights in Paro to Uma hotel (more on that in another post) to bring our end of our trip to a finale with a swanky nice hotel.

mules to choose
Just 30 minutes ride away, we arrive at our destination and we were asked if we wanted to rent the mules to make the ascent easier on us and to cut short the time. A typical up and down trip would be on average 6 hours.

tiger's nest ascent
We decided to give our legs a chance to prove its use by choosing to trek up to the Tiger’s Nest.

our destination
Our final destination looks so far and yet so near. (See the tiny building on the top right shrouded by clouds)

The start of our long trek mainly mud road and stairs, a walking stick is highly recommended.

tiger's nest
After 2 hours, we arrived at the mid point where we would take a break with some biscuits and tea before continuing. We started our trek at 9am, but I would recommended starting earlier like 8 or 830am so you have more time to relax in your hotel as yours legs (at least mine) would literally feel that it would break after the round trip trek.

tiger's nest

tiger's nest
View from the tiny cafe.

tiger's nest
Let us take a break!

tiger's nest

tiger's nest
After a 20 minutes break, we continue our ascent.

tiger's nest
The part which is the most challenging where you have to walk down and up about 700 steps on the stone stairway.

tiger's nest

Often called the Tiger’s Nest, perched on the cliffs, has awestruck many a visitor. “Trip to Bhutan is never complete without climbing to Taktsang”, says one tourist. Indeed it’s true as the journey there fills you with spiritual bliss. For those not choosing the spiritual side it is the dramatic, artistically built monument that becomes a hiker’s delight. Take a trip to this dramatically set Buddhist relic hanging from a cliff. Experience the uphill climb as you ascend more than two thousand feet from the valley floor. A prominent Himalayan Buddhist sacred site and temple complex located on the cliff side of Paro Valley. According to legends, it is believed that Guru Rinpochhe flew to this location from Tibet on the back of a Tigress (his consort Yeshey
Tshogyal) and meditated in one of the caves. Guru Rinpochhe performed meditation and emerged in eight manifestations and the place became holy. Thus gaining the name Tiger’s Nest.


more steps
The stairway.

one more hurdle!
Just when we thought we were almost there, there is another steep flight that goes up to the temple….Ahhhhhhh, just a little more. No more photos allowed inside when we arrive, we have to check in our bags and cameras in the locker before we can enter the temple.


"bombs" along the way
Be careful of the “bombs” along the way – mule and cow dung.

vegetarian lunch
Back at the cafe where we took our morning break for a vegetarian lunch.

We took a total of 7 hours for the whole trip and by the time we were done we just wanted to veg out. Our guide even suggested that we can consider to go on another 1 hour trek for a view of the Paro Valley *gasp* We decided that we just want to go back to our hotel to have a good rest and also have our dinner in the hotel.

early breakfast
Since the flight the next morning is at 720am, we have to arrive at the airport by 6am. Luckily, our hotel do provide early breakfast upon check out.

paro airport departure hall
Waiting at the departure hall.

mount Everest
Saying good bye to Bhutan and a great view of Mount Everest.


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