You Huak Restaurant (aka Sembawang White Bee Hoon)

Just an advice, be prepared to wait. Even arriving at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, we had to wait around 20 minutes before we got our table. I heard that the line gets even longer on the evenings for dinners.

Alright, here’s the famous White Bee Hoon. It is a mix of the usual stir fried bee hoon with a slight tinge of “hokkien prawn noodles” feel to it. However, I have to admit that I love it and we didn’t regret getting 1 big and 1 medium plate for 6 people 😛

Definitely thumbs up and recommended if you like your bee hoon in the middle ground of not too dry and not too wet?

another highly recommended item from their menu would be their fried chicken wings which is done in the goreng chicken (or ayam penyat way) Definitely very Malay style of chicken wings which stays away from the usual prawn paste taste with a tinge of ginger taste. Yummmy!

Stir fried kang kong with garlic and chili (cos my mum don’t really sambal chili too much)

deep fried prawn paste rolls.

calamari, the batter used to deep fry tasted slightly different from the usual batter as it was quite crispy.

Definitely want to come back here again….(if I can get a ride there :P)

Address:You Huak Restaurant22 Jalan Tampang Singapore 758966


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