Uokin (魚金 池袋店)

魚金 池袋
My second visit to this place, definitely one of the popular cheaper Sushi/Sashimi places in town. It was a Saturday when we came and we had to wait in line for about 45minutes even when it was just 6pm. After been away for a month, Sushi san just desperately needed some real Japanese food for his stomach and so we came here. The appetizer served this time was a really delicious ham (or cha siu)

魚金 池袋
Sashimi definitely in our menu that evening.

魚金 池袋
Fish intestines chopped up finely to be eaten with cream cheese….

魚金 池袋
Daikon salad

魚金 池袋
Deep fried white shrimps which I didn’t get to eat it in Toyama. Only recommended if you like prawn and fishy taste.

魚金 池袋
Amazing, fried chicken actually does taste good in a fish shop. hah. Japanese mayonnaise is just perfect for any fried food.

魚金 池袋
Seaweed miso soup.

Address:魚金 池袋店東京都豊島区西池袋1-35-8


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