October Beauty Buys in Tokyo, Japan

Been some time since I indulge in something fancy, considering that I don’t go for facial here in Tokyo, I thought this was still a reasonable buy. In Japan, you would be in awe of the sheer number of beauty products been sold or advertised but the major 2 players are Panasonic and Sharp in my opinion. I bought this Panasonic EHSA92 Ionic face steamer since the weather is turning colder and drier by the day. (Of course, since I don’t go for facial on a monthly basis now, I feel I should do some “home” work to make sure it doesn’t become anymore duller by the day *chuckle*) Currently, Panasonic have already released the next model EHSA93 in Japan. The difference between the 2 models is just a switch difference where in the new model there a mode for “autumn/winter” care.

The price has since dropped for the older model and that is why I got it 🙂 I have been using it 2 times a week for the past months. I enjoyed steaming my face followed by the cold mist spray. There was also a few modes to be selected like clear skin, supple skin, warm face steam etc. I feel that my face feel more supple after the 15 minutes session as the weather is just too dry for me now. Hopefully, this would be useful for me for the next 2-3 months as we welcome winter into Tokyo.
(ps: I used distilled water even though they recommend either distilled water or water from the pipes. It was actually tough to buy distilled water in Japan apparently so I have to mail order it)

I usually slap on a mask after I had completed with my face steaming. Guess most people are familiar with this brand,Hada Labo which is one of my favorites for hydrated skin. I have tried their anti aging line for my toner use. Right now, I am trying out their whitening cream which in my opinion is pretty hydrated for the cool autumn winds cos I usually feel my skin feels a little more dry with whitening products.

Bought this facial line pack and eye pack sheet as it says it is really popular, this series of products are like the products from the very popular Japanese drugstore, Matsumotokishi. The sheet pack are like stickers that you can stick on your facial line and under eyes and sleep for the rest of the night. So far, I can only wear it for only about 3 hours as I am not used to having something stuck on my face restricting any movement.

oct beauty
My favorite buy for this month, BB Nail by Susie NY. We know about the BB cream for the face, this is BB polish for the nails. How it works, basically it is a base coat, nail polish and top coat and giving you a gel nail finish look. I just use 1 bottle with 3 coats to create that “gelish” look and it lasted about 4 days pretty well on me (though it says, it should last 7 days but I have to do housework mah :P). Currently only comes in beige, baby pink and coral pink.

oct beauty
Not a beauty buy, no I did not buy this but I was just amazed with what I found so wanted to share with you readers. A heated pad?!!!!! Japan, you just don’t stop amazing me! You open the heat pack and stick in onto the pad and wear it with your underwear. Supposed to keep your pelvis area warm since the days are turning colder by the day, and it is a number one selling item for winter 2012. (But my question is, ain’t we not supposed to heat up that area? Else won’t it promote bacteria growth?) But I guess, staying warm is top priority. 😛


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