Harbs (六本木ヒルズ店)

A really popular pastry chain in Japan, the place is always packed to the brim if you head to their Shinjuku branch. Thus, we headed to the Roppongi branch on a weekday afternoon which was still pretty empty at 230pm but by 4pm the place was filled.

The “we” in this post is a new student from Singapore for the Fall semester who entered into Waseda’s Japanese program. She contacted me through my blog to get some information before she came. We have some classes together this Semester, Hi Miss C! 🙂

The concept of Harbs is creating fresh and never frozen cakes.

Fret not, there is always English menu upon request.

Non caffine muscat tea is always my favorite.

Chestnuts are in season so we have a chocolate chestnut cake here. Their cakes are pretty moist and fluffy, no wonder there are so many fans for them.

The Millie crepe is like one of the most popular item from the shop, with season fresh fruits in between the crepes with lots of cream.

Address:Harbs東京都港区六本木6-10-2 ヒルサイド1F


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