Tokyo Yakitori Komagome (東京やきとり亭 駒込店)

Tokyo Yakitori Komagome
On one of those lazy weekend nights, we explored our neighborhood to check out the different eateries in our hood. This evening, we settled for a Yakitori place near to the East exit of Komagome Station (Yamanote Line). This yakitori restaurant has a total of 3 locations in Tokyo, 1 in Ginza and 2 in Komagome vicinity. The Yakitori place is famous for their chicken stew originated from Nagoya but we didn’t order that though.

It feels good to be sitting right in front of the chef with the smoke wafting around you and waiting for your dinner (Although, you don’t smell too good after you head home :P)

Tokyo Yakitori Komagome
Chicken sashimi, yeah, you can almost get anything in raw form in Japan.

Tokyo Yakitori Komagome
Yakitori, my favorite as usual is Yakitori grilled just with salt and the wings always come out crispy on the outside but juicy inside.

Tokyo Yakitori Komagome
cucumber with miso dips

Tokyo Yakitori Komagome
chicken soup. Very strong chicken soup taste.

Tokyo Yakitori Komagome
Coconut cream for dessert. We only got 1 Yakitori set and added on the Chicken sashimi, definitely enough….so full.

Address:東京やきとり亭 駒込店東京都豊島区駒込2-15-13 ブル.アートル 1F


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