Tonki Komagome (とんき 駒込)

Tonkatsu Komagome
But this time, don’t you feel that most of the food eaten daily in Japan are either deep fried if not it is charcoal grilled. *cringe* No wonder my weight has been ballooning but I can’t resist eating this in Tonkatsu shop. The cutlets are made fresh on the spot upon order. The boss was a old Japanese man who has probably made so many cutlets in his lifetime that he can cut the freshly out of the frying pan with his rare hands.

Tonkatsu Komagome
The tonkatsu set consisted of rice, miso soup, tonkatsu with cabbage and a side dish for 1600JPY.

Tonkatsu Komagome
There 2 types of pork cutlet to choose from, one made with thickly cut pork loin (fatty version) or pork sliced thinly and stacked up (less fatty) to be made into cutlet. I personally like the thickly cut pork loin version cos the meat is more juicy and the side trimmed fat is too fragrant to be resisted

Tonkatsu Komagome
The hi-re version. Less fats but a little more dry…

So which would be your choice? 🙂


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