Tokyo Stationary Galore

stationary in Japan
It is such a joy to do stationary window shopping in Japan. Each time, I pop by the usual shops like Tokyu hands, Loft and Plaza, there never seem to be a lack of new finds. Of course, we have our favorite disney characters in all forms of prints and papers.

stationary in Japan
Fancy a Tea-flavored pen from Zebra as you write your notes with whiffs of tea smells.

stationary in Japan
All in one, 4 colored ink pen with correction tape on top.

stationary in Japan
Erasable highlighter? Erasable ink is all the rage here.

stationary in Japan
“Transformer” scissors which looks like a slim pen in your case but transformed to a small pair of scissors.

stationary in Japan
This highlighter from AnkiSnap mesmerized me pretty much. This is called the highlighter for exams. Basically you highlight the points you want to remember or words you need to learn for your learning, snap the notes with the smartphone app for this highlighter pen. The picture taken will show the words that you have highlighted as “black blanks” in the picture. When you can’t remember the points you have to memorise, you just swipe across the black blank and the words would magically appear in the highlighted color. Amazing isn’t it?

stationary in Japan
Hand held battery operated hand warmer that is supposed to last up to 160 minutes.


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