Hiyoko Izakaya, Shimo (ひよこ 志茂店)

Izakaya Shimo
This small izakaya is just right opposite Shimo Station, I guess tourist may not come over to this area but we were in the vicinity to view the Autumn fireworks organised by our City ward and I have been wanting to try this small little izakaya since we previously was staying in this district. The place was pretty small, with just the owner and his helper. The owner looks like a Half Japanese and American, probably that is why the interior was decorated with Hawaiian stuff. No wonder the place was packed and most of the stuff was sold out. The prices were reasonable and the food portion was almost “american size”. Look at this yaki-fish cake, 2 full slices! Usually, we only would get 1 slice from the Japanese izakaya.

Izakaya Shimo
BBQ Chicken wings, also doubled up in portion.

Izakaya Shimo
Garlic fries…..By this time, I was glad that we didn’t order too much…..

Izakaya Shimo
Super big portion of fried chicken.

This was someone else’s BBQ rice ball. But look at the size?!!! It is just humongous and how much is it? 200JPY only!! I think in other izakaya, this rice ball would probably set you back like 600-800JPY?

So who says Tokyo is a an expensive place to eat? Guess, you just have to find these hole in wall type places to save your wallet 😛

Address:ひよこ 志茂店東京都北区志茂2-2-14


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