Le Parc for Dimsum, Ebisu (ル・パルク 恵比寿店)

Ebisu Dimsum
On the first glance, you won’t expect this to be a Chinese dim sum place with its French name and setting of the restaurant. But true blue, one of the more popular dim sum place in Tokyo is inside this French looking restaurant. We came here on a whim because I was craving for some dim sum and wanted to try out a new place. We came here with no reservation on a Sunday afternoon at 12pm and was asked to wait for 30 minutes since all seats were reserved. (They open at 1130 on weekends)

Ebisu Dimsum
The usual dim sum spoils. Most of the items were pretty authentic but the cheong fun skin was too thick to my liking.

Ebisu Dimsum
Highly recommended would be the deep fried yam balls which truely tasted like the ones I had back at home.

Ebisu Dimsum
Almost melt in the mouth pan fried carrot cake…..by this time, I was truly a happier person. (Sometimes, this huge craving for something close to home just make you a grouchy person and amazingly after the familiar tastes settled down inside your stomach, you just feel so much better. At least for me :))

Ebisu Dimsum
Recommended item from the restaurant, pan fried chives dumpling. You would probably like it only if you like chives which isn’t too bad for me.

Ebisu Walk
With a full stomach, it would be too sinful to just head off and become a couch potato. We took a walk around Ebisu area under the cool Autumn air. At that time, there was pretty much Halloween decorations all over the place. (which was promptly replaced with Christmas items on Nov 1!)

Ebisu Walk
Mix of old and new buildings around the neighborhood.


Ebisu Walk
Chanced upon a BEER festival but we were too full and most of the nice items were sold out by the time we arrived so we just did a walk through but there were people out with their pets and kids, sitting at the side of the roads eating and drinking. These are the moments when Japanese would let their hair down (?)

Address:ル・パルク 恵比寿店 (Le Parc)東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1-19-6 UNパークビル 1F・2F


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