Houya Yakiniki, Nishi Nippori (房家 西日暮里本店)

nippori yakiniku
This yakiniku shop has branches both at Nishi Nippori and Nippori, which would be accessible if you are on the way to Narita Airport where you would like to transit to the Skyliner. Though it is a yakiniku shop but it is also famous for their handmade cold noodles.

Nippori Yakiniku
The menu with a long list of the different types of meats……since we don’t really know what is the difference so we just got a set menu with different types of cuts.

Nippori Yakiniku
The various cuts of meat which was recommended to be cooked to different degrees like medium rare, medium and well done.

Nippori Yakiniku
The marbling looks nice and it is so fatty that the moment you place the slice of beef onto the metal rack, the oil dripped down would create a rush of fire.

Nippori Yakiniku
Can’t be totally carnivorous don’t we?

Nippori Yakiniku
Differentiating the drinks from the sauces. The sauced came in a pitcher!

Nippori Yakiniku
Itadakimasu! Delicious….

Address:房家 西日暮里本店東京都荒川区西日暮里5-21-6


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