Abura Soba, Waseda University (東京麺珍亭本舗 鶴巻町店)

abura soba
Abura Soba, is a relatively new form of “dry ramen” that made its appearance in Tokyo. Like its name, Abura means oil, this dry ramen is slightly oily but totally and highly recommended for anyone visiting Tokyo. Of course, this is a must go place for people who are studying in Waseda University. They have 2 branches in the campus vicinity but I prefer going to this slightly further one as it just made the noodles much nicer and a little less crowded than the one near campus.

totally yummy!

abura soba
This is the most basic order for Abura soba – 1 order of nooodles, with 1 char siu and bamboo slices and pay extra for the egg.

abura soba
Basically, the noodles would be served pipping hot with oil and some sauce at the bottom of the bowl. You can continue adding more chili oil and vinegar accordingly to your taste and mix the noodles well. The noodles are so tasty that I finished my bowl easily in 5 minutes? One of my Korean classmates is so in love with this noodles that he eats it on a weekly basis and EVERY presentation he have to make for classes, Abura soba would definitely be inside his agenda…..to the extent that the teacher knows that he is going to talk about the noodles again.

Address:東京麺珍亭本舗 鶴巻町店 東京都新宿区早稲田鶴巻町565


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