Daikanyama / Le Petit Bedon (ル・プティ・ブドン)

Le petit bedon
We had cause for a celebration for making it through a year of marriage though technically we spend much much less time together. (hopefully, things would be better by 2014) Anyway, since he is too busy so I would plan and he just foots the bill 😛 My first choice was fully booked even though I have tried making reservations like 2 weeks ahead so I finally found this French restaurant at Daikanyama for our lunch.

Le petit bedon
Reviews was that this place was popular with the French community as it served pretty authentic French cuisine. I don’t be able to vouch for the authenticity but only the quality of food and service.

Le petit bedon
Lunch menu is like almost 50% cheaper than the dinner (That’s why I opted for lunch 😛 ) We ordered 2 types of degustation menus so that we could try various varieties of food. First up would be the fish sashimi appetiser.

Le petit bedon
Duck dish, can’t remember the name but I thought they got my order wrong because a duck appetizer dish don’t look like this in my mind. Mashed cold duck just seem odd to me but it was still yummy.

Le petit bedon
It was pumpkin season so soup of the day was cream of Pumpkin. They have the Le creuset pot warmed and the cream soup is poured directly in front of you.

Le petit bedon
Foe grais is availbe if you upgrade your second appetizer. The creamy and fatty liver paired with some green apples. Yumz.

Le petit bedon
Black port for his mains.

Le petit bedon
Stewed beef cheek for mine. I love how they can stew it till that it almost melts in your mouth.

Le petit bedon
Dessert trolley

Le petit bedon
our selection, I don’t eat too much cakes usually but ever since I moved here. I have been gaining some sweet tooth.

Address:ル・プティ・ブドン (Le Petit Bedon)東京都渋谷区鉢山町13-13 ヒルサイドウエスト B1F


Daikanyama is the place to find the newest fashions and it is also a high class residential area. With its many embassies and residences for foreigners, Daikanyama is an area with an exoticism not found elsewhere in Tokyo. There are many tasteful and unique shops and restaurants not only in Hillside Terrace, the symbol of Daikanyama, but throughout the area. The charming tree-lined avenues, rarely found in a central metropolitan area, are great for strolling about.

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With such a full stomach, of course we took a walk around the Daikanyama area.

Buildings here have a European flair

This area is a popular wedding destination too so there are many wedding sites around the area.

Interesting mannequins for the store.

Antique flea market.

Blue against white.

There was a limited time cafe with Sanrio’s Me Melody character. The line was so long that the wait was at least 4 hours. Most of the people in line are ladies. Would you queue 4 hours to eat in a cafe with your favorite character as set up?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beauty Box
    Nov 24, 2013 @ 15:00:16

    Oh goodness…..a 4 hour wait to eat with a My Melody set up? Like a cardboard cut out?? LOL!

  2. Xuan-er
    Nov 24, 2013 @ 19:17:10

    @BB: hahaha, they did doll up the cafe with my melody pictures and some of the food is shaped like my melody…but still, it is just normal cafe food (isn’t it) I can’t help but took a photo and going to use it as part of my writing homework with my own theme “why do Japanese love to queue” hahah

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