Gare de lyon (ビストロ ガール・ド・リヨン 八丁堀)

gare de lyon , tokyo
This eatery was recommended on TV recently as they served a huge home made sausage at a reasonable price of 1280JPY. They only open in the evenings with only around 20+ seatings. One thing about eateries here is that they are usually small and if you come late, you just have to wait in line without reservations.

gare de lyon , tokyo
We were the first customers that day since we headed over here right after our classes. Sun sets around 430pm nowadays so it feels really dark by 530pm.

gare de lyon , tokyo
Menu of day are all written on their black board.

gare de lyon , tokyo
Fresh warm bread, you can ask for some olive oil too.

gare de lyon , tokyo
Avocado and octopus salad. Crispy greens!

Oysters are in season, so of course we would order it. Cream oysters croquettes.

gare de lyon , tokyo
Of course, the item off the menu that we came for. Enough to feed two…….

Address:ビストロ ガール・ド・リヨン東京都中央区八丁堀3-3-9 張ケ谷ビル 1F


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