Late lunch picnic at Ueno Park

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It is almost the end of the Autumn foliage season in Tokyo, where many trees are started to shed their leaves. People are still out in droves whenever possible to catch the possible views before we welcome the really cold winter.

Ueno Park Autumn
We headed to Ueno Park for a late lunch picnic 2 Sundays ago and busked under the sun with some cold autumn wind. Many people were out too enjoying the blue skies and brown leaves.

Ueno Park Autumn
Our view from where we ate.

Ueno Park Autumn
Even though it was only a short 1 hour treat for us but these are the moments we could enjoy time with nature (in the cold). Even though, Japanese seems to lead a really busy life but they are blessed to be able to enjoy the 4 seasons. They do make sure they enjoy the activities from the different seasons observed from the droves of people who were out.

Ueno Park Autumn
Nothing too fancy but we were definitely stuffed 🙂


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