Tokyo Christmas Illumination, Shinjuku

Christmas Shinjuku
Shinjuku Illumination (11/13/13 – 02/16/2014) with Northern Europe theme.

Christmas Shinjuku
From the south exit of Shinjuku, you would be able to enter into the Winter wonderland.

Christmas Shinjuku
The wishing start “tree”, people were waiting in line to take photo with their reflection with the hanging star mirror.

Christmas Shinjuku
Celebrating 50 years with the Yamanoto Line.

Christmas Shinjuku

Christmas Shinjuku
Pathway with LED lights on the trees, totally popular with couples.

Christmas Shinjuku
Huge lighted Christmas trees.

Christmas Shinjuku
The lights at the West exit.

Christmas Shinjuku
Since the lights would be around till Feb 2014 so there is still plenty of time to admire these views.

Christmas Shinjuku
Interesting Christmas items on sale, it is really hard to resist buying stuff in Japan with all their cute packaging……

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Pretty buskers in Shinjuku.


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