Tokyo Skytree shopping / Toriton Sushi (トリトン寿司)

Tokyo Skytree
Since Tokyo Skytree is the new icon of Tokyo, besides receiving many visitors it also have a huge selection of souvenir goods when you exit out from the observation tower. Ranging from cookies to chocolates to mineral water bottles with a sticker attachment to replicate the tall tower and which the bottle can be sitted on a colorful coaster powered by battery.

Tokyo Skytree
The Tokyo skytree is build into like a mini town with different variety of shops ranging from restaurants to toys to cosmetics etc.

Cake shop
It is a good place for you to roam if you happen to visit it in the weekend where you might likely have to wait at least 2 hours to get into the observation tower.

Toriton Sushi
Our dinner choice for the night, would be this popular conveyor belt sushi chain restaurant.

Toriton Sushi
This place is popular not only because of its food but as they have chatty sushi chefs who would shout your order through the microphone and they would attempt to make small chats with you. They also have coordinated moves when they make your sushi or when serving you.

Toriton Sushi
Green tea is made from powdered form not tea bags……delicious.

Toriton Sushi
The sushi are pretty huge in size but some of the fish tasted pretty frozen.

Toriton Sushi
Ordered some other stuff from the menu too.

Address:トリトン 東京ソラマチ店東京都墨田区押上1-1-2 東京ソラマチ 6F


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