Kichijōji Satou (サトウ 吉祥寺店)

Kichijōji Satou
From Shinjuku, a few stations in the west direction is a popular place called Kichijouji where there is much shopping and restaurants. Definitely a lively place to check out if you have some time to be out of Tokyo.

Kichijōji Satou
Just a couple of minutes walk away from the station would be this famous meat store that sells freshly made beef meat balls that attracts a long line on a daily basis. They have a really efficient way of waiting in line. The line is broken into 2 due to the main intersections of the shopping street. The first section would be holding yellow menu cards and the second section would be waiting in line. In that case, no one can cut the queue since you can’t order without first showing your yellow menu card.

Kichijōji Satou
So here is what I got after waiting in line for 20 minutes.

Kichijōji Satou
right above their store is their steakhouse selling steak cuts from their meat store. Since, I have already came all the way down might as well just check out their steakhouse.

Kichijōji Satou

Kichijōji Satou
Steak done in medium in Teppanyki style at about 3500JPY. A little expensive but most of the time steak set meals would cost around this price. I thought it was a little too raw for me but it was still a fulfilling meal. Though I have to say, I still prefer their beef meat balls 🙂

Address:サトウ 吉祥寺店東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町1-1-8


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