Macchan, ShinOkubo (味ちゃん 新大久保)

Hello world! Been some time since I got the chance to sit down and do some proper writing. The last 2 weeks of December (commitments in Singapore) and the first week of January (Japan new year) had been a hectic time for me so I barely have time to be close to my laptop. Anyway, hopefully I would get some time to do some proper writing the next few weeks before my time with Waseda is over where I am plagued currently with lots of end of semester exams and presentations. We would see how it goes =)

Autumn has come and go
From this photo, you would know how much backlogged entries I have 😛 Autumn had passed and we are really entering into Winter in Japan now. Temperatures has been hovering around 1-8 degrees the past week and with the Arctic blast I don’t think that the low temperatures is going to go up any time soon.

My first visit to ShinOkubo where it is kinda like the Korean town in Tokyo.

streets filled with Korean shops selling food to cosmetics to Kpop posters. Anything relating to KOREA, come here!

You would just see faces of the Korean pop stars plastered all over the shops.

I am not too into Kpop but I am definitely much in Korean food, especially SPICY food. Sushi san brought me to this place called Macchan where they are famous for the 2cm thick 3 layer fat pork. They also have recommendation of the food popular with the guys vs the gals.

We didn’t get the thick cut pork the first time we were there but we did get that the second time we went. (yup, we went to the same place about 1 month later when we had friends visiting) Yes, the thick cut pork is much much better. More juicy and fatty and definitely more texture when you bite into it.

Soon dobu chigae and chap chye to satisfy my Korean food craving.

The staff would help with the BBQ-ing

What amazed me was this! The grill tray was placed in a slant manner with a mouth at the edge of the tray where a small metal dish was placed below it. This was where the oil would slide down during the cooking. Genius!

Address:味ちゃん東京都新宿区百人町1-3-20 メゾンソワイエ 1F


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