Kaneko Hannosuke, Nihonbashi (金子半之助 日本橋)

I knew that this place was pretty famous.

But I wasn’t excepting that I have to wait for 30 minutes in the cold at 6pm when it is not even dinner time yet. Luckily, they had provided benches, tea and heater for the people in the line.

There is only 1 item in the menu which is their Tempura don which is literally overflowing from my bowl for only 880JPY. You can choose to upsize your rice, add a bowl of miso soup or order a beer.

The freshly made don (yes, they would serve you once you are seated, the precision timing just amazed me) consisted of a fish, 2 shrimps, cuttlefish, seaweed and egg. The tempura egg was heavenly. Though I have to admit by the end I am almost done with this huge bowl of tempura, that the grease is just a little too much for me. Definitely yums where it is pipping hot so eat it fast. I guess it is so popular as it is cheap and huge and the food was delicious too. Just that you might have to wait for a little while 🙂



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