singapore food in tokyo
We visited this newly opened Chicken rice eatery opened by Sushi San’s friend back in his university days. It is pretty amazing to meet some of his friends who show much interest in South East Asian food.

singapore in the past
A map back from the early 80s was also found and it is amazing how much Singapore has changed.

singapore food in tokyo
Achar for starters, no peanuts but the taste was still very close to what we ate in Singapore.

singapore food in tokyo
Chicken rice (in a way, Japanese style) as the chicken served was mainly white meat but with the sauces served it was pretty close to what we eat at home.

singapore food in tokyo
Stir fried kang kong was also available, though only garlic stir fried..oh I missed this so much.

singapore food in tokyo
Char Kway teow was also on the menu, just no “hum” included. I like it as I always like mine with a lot of black sweet sauce which reminds of my mum’s cooking. Laksa was also available just that they replace the thick bee hoon with Japanese egg noodles.

singapore food in tokyo
Mango pudding and grass jelly for desserts….almost satisfied this Singaporean’s stomach 🙂

 パレヤソジマ 1F


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