Fu-Unji Ramen (風雲児)

Just 10 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station’s south exit.

All to seek this small ramen store that is said to win “best ramen” award for a few years.

Look at the line! One thing to note that most ramen/Abura-soba shops are patronized by men so at times when you meet ladies in the shop, they are either tourist or someone’s girlfriend/wife. It is unusual to find 2 girls going to such shops just because they want to eat ramen. At one time when I went to the Abura soba shop to have lunch with my female classmate that we heard the guys commenting that we are some weird ladies. *what the #@%$%#$*

Fu-unji is famous for their tsukemen with fish soup stock. Best ramen? I don’t know about that but the extra thick ramen fish stock was definitely full of flavor that had been slurping the whole bowl. Best part was to dilute the soup when I was done with my noodles and drinking the left over stock.

Ramen soup is more diluted but definitely recommended if you don’t like too much salt in your intake. 🙂

Address:風雲児東京都渋谷区代々木2-14-3 北斗第一ビルB1F


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