When it was Ho Ho Ho…..

japan xmas
I know, Christmas had come and gone and I am like almost a month late. Nevertheless, I think Christmas in Japan is like a big commercial hoo-ha with tons of cute and nice goodies and of course not to forget their pretty illumination all over Japan. Unfortunately, Christmas is not a public holiday in Japan and it is kinda associated to be like a ‘date’ event for couples mainstream.

These are adorable Christmassy stickers taken at the Loft.

japan xmas
There was this giant Christmas tree filled with fake snow at Kitte (where the big post office stands near the Tokyo station)

japan xmas
Of course, we can’t forget the Snowmen…..comes in all shapes and sizes dotted around. You can make some real ones if you go to the parts in Japan where they have a lot of snow.

japan xmas
The galore of Christmas card available and the designs are really cute. i like this series of the mini Santa Claus in various famous Japan locations. For example, this one of the mini Santas taking a hot bath in the Sento (public bathing house) with the Fuji Mountain painting, where most Sentos do paint the Fuji view for their soaking patrons to enjoy while relaxing in the hot waters.

japan xmas
Of course, how can we forget the most popular tourist location in Tokyo now. Tokyo Skytree.

japan xmas
In the world of convenience, hot wine packs were also sold where you just use what they packed for you to heat up your red/white wine. Sipping this in the super cold weather should be good. Spotted them at Plaza

japan xmas
Of course, cartoon characters do have their own Christmas forms, in all types of products. Anything you can think of, you probably can find some cartoon character printed on it ;P

japan xmas
Not to forget bout Starbucks that comes out with different designed mugs and cups for almost any festivities. They just released their Valentine’s Day series and we have many people clambering to buy it.

japan xmas
Japanese love flowers, and they have really pretty flowers sold in the flower shops (though expensive in my opinion) It was nice to pass by a flower shop and the sweet fragrance just bring a smile to this really cold (people type of cold) city. Christmas flower wreaths or decoration was mainly red, gold and cherry apples.


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