In the Land of shopping temptation (plenty!)

Photos taken during my window shopping over the past month, it is nice to go walking just to be amazed/amused with the various goods sold.

japan window shopping
yeah man, how can you resist Hello Kitty. This time they collaborated with Lupicia tea with some Hello Kitty set, perfect for a valentine’s day gift.

japan window shopping
Even drinks are decked out with Disney characters.

japan window shopping
Goods for the season are either humidifier or heater. Can you resist these cute humidifiers?

japan window shopping
Or being practical to buy back this desktop humidifier where you just invert your PET water bottle and spurts out moist air.

japan window shopping
I really like this Fancy hot/cool fan from Dyson but it is a tad too pricey at 43900JPY. It can be used as a heater or fan depending on the season, perfect for the tiny houses in Tokyo where I try to uncluttered as much as possible.

japan window shopping
Ceiling light choices, not only that you would find a timer, 4-5 different light settings, this one even come with bluetooth controlled speaker. The ad says perfect for the kiddos’ room or living room.

japan window shopping
if you want to make a nice alphabetted cookie. Here is your little helper.

japan window shopping
Not to forget all the fancy containers and little goods you can use to pack your lunch boxes/dressing/sauces.

japan window shopping
1.3 mega-pixel of resolution if you want to dig your ear and not damage your ear drums. You can use this high tech ear digger.

japan window shopping
Even kitchen aprons are fancy as they come in all styles, almost thought it was a dress. Here’s the link if you are interested.

japan window shopping
Nail sticker that just stick on your nails are the rage now if you have no time to go for a manicure, you can get cute Disney designs one too.

some of the prenium nail sticks even come with jewels on them and some even allow you to have different layers and designs as you wish.

japan window shopping
Last but not least, it took me almost 8 months to realise that you can bring your unpaid products for the different levels at tokyu hands at Shinjuku. you can just step out of the level and take the elevator to the next level since they are housed on 8 levels and made your payment at your final stop…….They really do trust people.


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