Japan New Year Bargain Sale

Hope everyone who are celebrating Chinese New Year is having a great one like me. I have had so much food for the past few days that I literally just ate and slept. Best thing is to be surrounded by family and friends for this joyous occasion.

1 more post with regards to the Japan New Year. Contrary to Singapore where most shops are closed during the CNY, most departmental stores are opened by Day 1 or Day 2 with the New Year Bargain sales. Snaking lines at popular lines at Apple, big name departmental stores all in the name for the hope of scoring a lucky bag that contains like 2-3 times the value you paid, (Usually 10500JPY)

Loccitane Lucky Bag
This year, I woke up early and arrived at Loccitane at 8am in the hope of scoring for their lucky bag too (I missed it last year) This was the line at 8am, and we got our exchange coupons at 830am. We can only buy the lucky bags between 9am- 3pm. Any lucky bags unsold after 3pm would be for the public, first comes first served.

ABC Mart Sale
Since we had time before most of the stores open either at 10am or 11am so we started walking around Ikebukuro and realized that ABC Mart’s New Year Bargain sale actually started at 7am!

Reebok Running shoes
Unique looking Reebok running shoes

#japan new year bargain sale, where all the shopping craze begins

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ABC Mart Staff getting attention of passerby to come and buy their goods.

Lumine Ladys Sale
Decided to head over to Lumine Ikebuluro at 930am instead of their opening time at 10am but it was already swarming with ladies! To what extent? I was literally pushed out by a group of ladies snatching the lucky bags……

Tobu Mens Sale
Tobu Mens’ section was relatively sane….

New Japan Men shoes
Interesting new finds at the Mens shoes section. You can interchange the accessories for the shoes.

Loccitane Lucky Bag
Finally made our way back to Loccitane at 1pm to pick up our lucky bags.

my poor wallet
My spoils after 4 hours of shopping. (I don’t think I bought that much lah :P)

Loccitane Lucky Bag
Peek into the various lucky bags. Loccitane 10500JPY, mix of large sized items and travel size items ranging from hair, face and hand care products. Not that bad since all the items are what I would use.

Ank Rouge Lucky Bag

Ank Rouge Based on the image of a tall teenager, Retro Style is interweaved into a Romantic Girly World to bring you luxurious and
outrageously sexy Neo-Vintage Style Fashion. Fashion blogger Matsu Okarie is the director of this brand which is known as Okarie.

Ank Rouge

Ank Rouge Lucky Bag
Ank Rouge Lucky bag, 10500JPY. Lucky bags are seriously dangerous stuff. You don’t know what you end up but as the prices is like 1/4 of what you would usually pay so you want to take the risk. This brand of clothing is probably too girl and young for me but heck it….I still got it and the stuff inside is one of the better well made ones. Though, the dress is just too cute and the leopard print terry cloth mini skirt was just too short. Love the red short coat though, just nice for Spring.

Nice Claup Lucky Bag
One after another Nice claup, a girl-lady brand with clothing in the cute but more lady like trend.

Nice Claup Lucky Bag
Got this as I saw tons of girls snatching and it came in M/L. Rarely in Japan, you get to buy L size lucky bags. This is a great opportunity as I have to wear L size for most of the Japanese size bottoms. The lucky bag was also 5250JPY, I ended up scoring a coat and various casual wear. The coat was sold separately for 6480JPY when I passed by the store a week later so I guess I was really lucky. 😛

Aabyrith Lucky bag
Aabyrinth, with concept of fairy- girl clothing. Though latest update is that they would be ending this brand by February in Tokyo.

Aabyrith Lucky bag
Considering the odd combination of items I received, I can understand why the brand ended. Why I ended up with this, this was called the peer effect as I saw a huge line of girls snatching for it so I thought it must be something nice. THe bag was bag in terms of quantity and price (5250JPY) but most of the item inside was pretty mediocre to me.

Tabio Lucky Bag
Tabio House, socks lucky bag for 1050 JPY

Tabio Lucky Bag
Guess only in Japan would I wear this type of printed long socks 😛

Tiny Exit
Last but not least, just how small the Japanese are, here is the exit of Lotte fast food chain at Ikebukuro. It barely let me walk comfortably out. Welcome to Japan 😛

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  1. abraxis
    Feb 07, 2014 @ 11:42:28

    What’s wrong with that doorway? There’s plenty of headroom…

  2. Xuan-er
    Feb 07, 2014 @ 23:49:29

    @abraxis: damn tight lah…

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