Sumita Udon (手打うどん すみた)

Akabane udon
Akabane is still my current favorite neigborhood for food haunts. Even though we have moved away but we keep coming back for more nice food in this district.

Akabane udon
This time, we finally made it to this hand made udon store that always have a line that is at least 30 minutes wait as they are closed every first and third Sundays so we never really got the chance to eat here. This store is quite famous and there are some reviews that actually say that this shop is serving one of the best udons in TOKYO!

Akabane udon
Since it is winter, an order of oden is always great to warm your tummies after waiting out in the cold.

Akabane udon
Fried chicken with onsen egg in warm udon soup paired with a dash of lime and wasabi. The number 1 top dish in the shop. All fried items are freshly made. The texture of udon is definitely different from the other shops. It was quite smooth and the texture when you bite in is just different.

Akabane udon
Fried mushrooms udon soup.

I definitely want to come back here again and hopefully the times I want to come are the “right” Sundays when it is opened 🙂

Address:手打うどん すみた東京都北区志茂2-52-8

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