Sugamo Erakokyuu (鰓呼吸 巣鴨)

Sugamo Izakaya
Sugamo, just a mere 15 minutes walk from our hood is well known for its old peoples’ district and traditional food. Sometimes, we would go out a little further to Sugamo to find some better food as they are much more choices there.

Sugamo Izakaya
OOABCO?!!! What the heck is this? It simply means big prawn grilled with salt. The pronunciation is the same as OOABCO..kekeke

Sugamo Izakaya
Fried oysters, winter is the season for oysters eating.

Sugamo Izakaya
Green worms? Fret not, seasoned seaweed only

Sugamo Izakaya
Sashimi with fish of the day.

Sugamo Izakaya
Craving for crabs and it was on offer but I kinda understand why it was going cheap. It wasn’t too fresh, this dish was the only disappointment for the night.

Sugamo Izakaya
Salmon fish head miso hotpot, definitely great to eat something hot for the cold cold winter. Lots of collagen from the fish head too..hehehe….

Address:鰓呼吸 巣鴨 (エラコキュウ)東京都豊島区巣鴨2-4-4


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