Ueno Taimenken (洋食や 三代目 たいめいけん)

洋食や 三代目 たいめいけん
This shop has been around since Showa 6th years (1931) serving omelette rice.

洋食や 三代目 たいめいけん
You can top up your meal with a soup for only 50JPY!!! This is such a rarity in Japan to be able to get food at such a low price. Though it is a super small bowl too.

洋食や 三代目 たいめいけん
Potato salad.

洋食や 三代目 たいめいけん
Here comes their store specialty, omelette rice. I got mine with fried oysters

洋食や 三代目 たいめいけん
Here’s a peak into the rice.

洋食や 三代目 たいめいけん
Another popular version would be the omelette rice with steak gravy.

洋食や 三代目 たいめいけん
Lots of Japanese were waiting in line to get into the shop. I guess part of their “olden” days taste?

Address:洋食や 三代目 たいめいけん東京都台東区上野7-1-1 エキュート上野 3F

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