Shinjuku Sarabeth

A rare brunch date with Sushi san.

Sarabeth NY is really popular with ladies especially the Shinjuku branch. Usually, when you arrive you would be given a slip of paper stating the time you can come back to wait in line. This is good since you can go roam around Lumine Shinjuku while waiting. The wait is usually at least 1 hour in the non peak time. We arrived at 11:30am and was asked to come back at 1:15pm.

Hmmmmmm, why so many people????

Finally, we got our chance to go in

Must order: their smoked salmon egg benedict.

Let the egg yolk ooozzzzzze out!

Fluffy french toast. Their breakfast menu is available for all day whereas the savory menus are only available after 5pm.

Came back again 2 weeks later with another friend cos she wanted to try Sarabeth before she leaves Japan. Our wait this time was about 1 hour and besides the smoked salmon egg benedict, we got the limited edition, Apple Souffle pancakes stuffed with egg whites. Yummy!

Address:Shinjuku Sarabeth東京都新宿区新宿3-38-2 ルミネ新宿店 ルミネ2 2F


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