[Cultural Exchange] Ikebana (生け花)

[Throwback] 1 of my class activities for the cultural class was attending a 2 hours Japanese floral arrangement class with quite a famous teacher in this discipline. He had even went on TV before.

If you know how to appreciate flowers, you would find happiness
If you think of flowers, you would find happiness
If you hold the flowers delicately, you would find happiness
If you rear flowers, you would find happiness


More than simply putting flowers in a container, ikebana is a disciplined art form in which nature and humanity are brought together. Contrary to the idea of floral arrangement as a collection of particolored or multicolored arrangement of blooms, ikebana often emphasizes other areas of the plant, such as its stems and leaves, and draws emphasis toward shape, line, form. Though ikebana is a creative expression, it has certain rules governing its form. The artist’s intention behind each arrangement is shown through a piece’s color combinations, natural shapes, graceful lines, and the usually implied meaning of the arrangement.
Another aspect present in ikebana is its employment of minimalism. That is, an arrangement may consist of only a minimal number of blooms interspersed among stalks and leaves. The structure of a Japanese flower arrangement is based on a scalene triangle delineated by three main points, usually twigs, considered in some schools to symbolize heaven, earth, and man and in others sun, moon, and earth. The container is a key element of the composition, and various styles of pottery may be used in their construction.


2 types of floral arrangement for us to attempt. This is the vase one

This is the one that you use the shallow pot. I thought this looks a little easier as you can just use the pin holder to grasp the flower stems unlike the vase where there is too much free movement.

The works of the master.

I got a seat for the shallow holder (utsuwa), a pair of scissors is needed to cut the stem and you can insert it into the water when you cut. Before you insert the stem into the pinned holder (kenzan), dip the shortened stem into salt to help lengthen the life span of the flowers as salt will aid the water adsorption.

Then for the next 2 hours, we got busy for boys and girls.

Interesting experience for me, at least…..So how did my floral arrangement look?


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