[Cultural Exchange] Kimono Experience Class

Kimono experience class
[Throwback] 1 of the last hands on Japanese cultural experience from my class would be the kimono experience class. For the summer, students would don the Yukata but for the winter, we would wear the more formal Kimono. Our class was divided into 2 time slot and we only got to wear the kimono for about 20 minutes in total in additional to 30 minutes for the Kimono experts to wear it for us.

Kimono experience class
Only 1 student in the class would get to wear the Hakama, which is usually wore by girls when they graduate from university.

Kimono experience class
The rest of us got to choose from about 10 different colors of Kimonos and wait for our turn for the Kimono sensei to wear it for us.

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Here’s a short video of the Sensei tying the Obi for us (Kimono waist band), it is amazing how nifty their fingers are to create such elaborate ribbons from 1 long strip of cloth.

Kimono experience class
Our class teacher even helped out with some students to create the up-do hair style.

Kimono experience class
Of course, we can’t forget about the men but they were either in black or brown. Not as exciting as the ladies’ wear.

Kimono experience class
All the different types of Obis by the senseis.

Kimono experience class
I chose an orange Kimono with green patterns as it was close to Christmas season when we did our Kimono experience class but the overall presentation on me didn’t look too bad. (I did my own hair that day). It was definitely a fun time with my classmates where we rushed to the significant photo spots in school to take photos for our own keepsake. Fun times!


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