[Waseda] Free photocopier?

Free copier in Waseda
Besides paying for photocopying, or using free photocopier with your own paper (in that case, it isn’t free since you have to buy your own paper).
There is a free photocopier in school which interested me. Here you can print for free, which I used since I had to do some print out materials for 1 of my presentation and I had to prepare it for 12 people in the class.

The condition for free printing would be that one side of the paper is actually ads. Since my print outs wasn’t to be used officially, so it was a saver for me! 🙂

Free copier in Waseda
The guys in my class were definitely delighted to receive this as part of my print out. Probably more interesting than my presentation 😛

Here’s the link on the location of the free photocopier in Waseda University. The one I used was at B1, Building 8 of Main Waseda campus.

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  1. yb
    Mar 12, 2014 @ 17:22:58


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