My uniqlo (マイ ユニクロ)

My uniqlo
Not sure if this concept has already arrive in Singapore but I chanced upon this randomly some time back. My uniqlo is basically where you can personalise your mass produced uniqlo products to something that looks unique and yours. Currently this service is only available at Ginza, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro Tobu.

My uniqlo
I do like the idea of personalising your favorite uniqlo hoodies and sweatshirts but the prices make me take a big step back. In fact, I blinked like a few times to make sure the prices wasn’t kidding me. This sweater would cost you around 14,000JPY with all these decorations.

My uniqlo
Adding some bling to your favorite colored cardigan.

My uniqlo
Or add some beads to the neckline to brighten a boring beige look.

My uniqlo
Or just simply adding a ribbon and a faux pearl on the collar of your favorite turtle neck undershirt.

My uniqlo
Of course, you can do all these decorations by yourself if you have niffy hands but these fancy accessories do cost a bit of money too.


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